NOVAerial Robotics got started in the UAV industry 5 years ago as one of the lead developers on the Ardupilot project. It has made significant contributions in the areas of flight dynamics, control methods, human-machine interface and operational safety of both multirotor and helicopter drones.

Initially funded by 3DR for general Ardupilot code development and community support, we have completed several contracts for other customers on projects such as object avoidance, payload hoisting control, coaxial helicopter control methods, and stability tuning on large multirotor drones.


NOVAerial also offers hardware engineering services.  From avionics installation to  payload integration and even full vehicle design and development.  We use the latest CAD systems and rapid prototyping techniques to enable rapid design iteration to quickly complete your project.  We have advanced 3D Printing techniques allowing strong yet light-weight and aesthetically pleasing component construction, as well as more old fashioned but still valid shop tools such as lathe and mill for cutting metals and composites.