Acquisition LOI Announcement

Global UAV Tech Logo

I am pleased to announce that NOVAerial Robotics Inc. has entered acquisition discussions with Global UAV Technologies Ltd, a Canadian-based UAV consortium that is rapidly expanding with a series of well-planned acquisitions.  Their goal is to assemble a number of companies to service the high-end of the commercial UAV industry.

I would like to assure our existing and future customers, that things will continue as normal at NOVAerial.  NOVAerial will remain as a wholly owned subsidiary of Global UAV, and I will continue managing the company as before.  If anything, this is great news for our customers as it will bring access to resources to expand our engineering and customer support services even faster than before. We are also working on some exciting new products that will benefit from this investment. These products will feature the same simple, robust, and practical designs you have come to expect from NOVAerial Robotics.  I’m very excited about what this opportunity means for the future of this company.

I am also looking forward to working with the people of Global UAV Tech and sister companies, as they are leaders in their respective fields of expertise in the Canadian market, and abroad.  I’m very passionate about this technology field, and am committed to working within this fledgling industry as it grows to it’s full potential.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Robert Lefebvre
Managing Director, NOVAerial Robotics Inc.