Acquisition LOI Announcement

I am pleased to announce that NOVAerial Robotics Inc. has entered acquisition discussions with Global UAV Technologies Ltd, a Canadian-based UAV consortium that is rapidly expanding with a series of well-planned acquisitions.  Their goal is to assemble a number of companies to service the high-end of the commercial UAV industry. I would like to assure… Read More

Sling Load Magnetometer Operations

Recently, NOVAerial Robotics Inc. has been working on operational development of airborne magnetometer surveying with several customers. This technique is typically used by the mining industry to search for magnetic anomalies in the ground which could indicate the location of valuable mineral deposits. Historically, this has been done either with surveyors walking with a hand-held… Read More

Procyon 800E Enters Limited Production

NOVAerial Robotics is pleased to announce that the Procyon 800E drone helicopter has finished it’s prototype and testing phases and is beginning limited production and delivery to commercial companies worldwide. The first customer to place an order will be using it to carry a sling-load magnetometer weighing 3.8kg.  The UAV helicopter has demonstrated it’s ability to… Read More