Fall 2017 NOVAerial Speaking Engagements


We are pleased to announce that Robert Lefebvre has been asked to present a class again at the Interdrone conference in Las Vegas, September 6-8 2017.  This year’s topic will be UAV Systems Comparison - Planes, Frames and Autopilots.

This session will compare and contrast the large variety of different aircraft types. It will cover the strengths and weaknesses of each of the vehicle types, and help operators decide which is best suited to meet the needs of their particular UAV operation. The discussion will be both critical and fair for all vehicles types, and will attempt to dispel some of the misconceptions that are prevalent in the industry. Furthermore, the presentation will touch on non-airborne vehicles, and combined operations. Finally, it will include a general comparison between different autopilot systems and other electronics.

NOVAerial Robotics will also be sharing a booth with Global UAV Technologies and other subsidiaries this year.  We are excited to be presenting together with our partners, as it’s a great opportunity to present our aircraft systems with demonstration of their various capabilities.


Further, we will be presenting the same technical class again at the Unmanned Systems Canada Conference and Trade Show being held in Toronto, Canada on November 1st to 3rd.  And again, will be sharing booth space with Global UAV Tech and other subsidiaries.

We are also considering attending several other shows in North America.  And are happy to have GeoInspect representing the brand in Europe, most recently at the Commercial UAV Expo in Brussels.